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Fonex Hair Care Products New Zealand


Kiwishaver is pleased to announce the arrival of Fonex Professional Hair Care to New Zealand.

These Professional Hair Gels and Styling Waxes are for creating extreme hairstyles and structured shapes. Provided in a generous sized pots these products are probably the most cost effective hair styling you can get right now, yet they are still a quality internationally recognised product.

Created by Fonex a leading brand when it comes to hair care and grooming products. Fonex has various hair gels and hair waxes which are used in barber shops across the world. These products are proving very popular in Germany, the UK and the USA. 

Gummy is a new line of products created for the professional barber market. Fonex strives to give premium quality products to the style enthusiasts. New products include beard oil and moustache wax.

The range available to buy online right now includes

  • Gummy Hair Gels
  • Fonex Matte Look Style Wax
  • Gummy Shiner Cream
  • Fonex Styling Wax
  • Beard Oil
  • Moustache Wax

Right now we have these hair gels at a special introductory price. See the Gummy Hair Care NZ prices now at www.kiwishaver.co.nz

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