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Sensitive Skin Shaving Tips

Sensitive Skin Shaving Tips

Sensitive Skin Shaving Tips

Shaving should be a simple morning task that you enjoy and which leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. For millions of men this is not the case, they dread having to endure the irritation of shaving with sensitive skin.

The more blades you have the problem tends to be worse. It is likely that your current razor is causing all your misery. Multi blade cartridge razors will clog, holding dirt and aggravate the situation by pulling on your stubble rather than cutting. The poor quality of the steel used in these blades means that they quickly become dull. This forces the user to exert more pressure on your skin to get a decent shave. This unnecessary pressure is what results in a rash or shaving irritation.

Using a sharp razor blade is vital if you have sensitive skin because you want to blade to cut through the hair and not tug at it. You should change your razor blade weekly that way you are always using the sharpest and cleanest blade all the time, but that's okay when Derby are such cheap razor blades.

Razor rash

Razor rash is a temporary irritation, redness or swelling of the skin. If you dry shave, use chemically loaded products, or blunt blades, your skin will likely show some irritation. Avoid shaving for a few days, say over the weekend, in order to let the skin heal itself and the razor burn should go away. The good thing is it's easily prevented through following our wet shaving guide.

Shaving irritation

Shaving irritation can be caused by allergic or other adverse reactions to the products you are using. If you believe this to be the case, try our natural or organic products avoiding those derived mainly from chemicals. Use an aftershave balm that soothes the skin with natural ingredients and no heavy scents. Splash alcohol based aftershave on your shoulders and chest only never on your face and neck.

Razor bumps

These are ingrown hairs formed when hair growing back after shaving fails to grow out of the skin. These hairs being lodged in the skin causes inflammation, appearing as tender, red, raised bumps. Multi blade razors are one of the main causes because they pull out your hair and cut below the skin. The good news is that by using a safety razor you can train your hair to grow back normally.

Shaving with acne

You need to use a safety razor and change the blade at least once a week to ensure you always use the cleanest, sharpest razor blade. Using a sharp blade means you can be gentle so you don't have to press on your face too hard. It is best to buy all natural soaps and apply a lather with a badger hair brush to soften your stubble first. Equally, you should apply natural aftershave balm with antiseptic properties to promote healing.


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