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Shaving Brushes & Stands

Why you should use a shaving brush

Applying shaving products with a shaving brush will whip up a thick moist lather to protect your skin.  Using a circular motion this will soften your beard and lift each hair creating a lubricated barrier between your face and the razor blade. When you use a shaving brush you will find that you can obtain a dense lather from just a very small amount of product so your premium shave products last for months and save you money.

How to use a shaving brush

Shaving brushes do need to be broken in, this can take up to a few weeks of use before the brush will begin to create a lather at the desired level of performance. You will know if your brush is new because it will have an animal smell about it, but don't worry this will quickly fade after a couple of weeks use and take on the scent of your favorite product. To begin shaving dip your brush into a bowl of hot water, after a quick shake it will still hold enough moisture to quickly whip up a decent lather from your shaving products. Apply the lather in a circular motion as this will lift your facial hair from your skin creating a lubricating barrier for a smooth shave. When you are ready simply begin shaving. When finished rinse under warm water and leave your shaving brush out to dry, shaving stands are great storing your razor and brush.

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